Thursday, September 20, 2018

Tandy Assembly is Good Therapy!

As I write this, we're just 52 days away from the second Tandy Assembly! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there and our great lineup of speakers. My summer has been brutally busy. Work, family, travel, home repairs, all the usual time stealing suspects. :-) Sometimes we underestimate the benefit of taking a break from things.

Last weekend, I attended VCFMW in Chicago. I had planned to attend since early spring, but I did have thoughts of skipping it because I was just feeling tired and worn out from the business of life. Well, thankfully, I did attend and I was really overcome by just how much I needed it. It was great therapy being at a retro computing show, hanging out with friends, and even picking up a cool bargain or two. I was only able to stay for Saturday, but what a difference it made! I returned on Sunday, with renewed energy for my retro computing hobby and felt more connected with my friends.

Our passions need to be fed to keep them going. Tandy Assembly is a great way to do that. If you're on the fence about attending this year, I hope that you'll reconsider. We have new venue with more space, better amenities, better services, and ample power this year! You deserve a break from the non-stop demands of life. Why not join us at Tandy Assembly for a break? Springfield, is just 30 minutes away from Dayton International Airport, hopefully making it easier for those of you flying in for the event.

We're delighted to have Stewart Cheifet, host of the PBS show, “The Computer Chronicles” as our keynote speaker this year. You don't want to miss this! I'm looking forward to a great time with everyone this year at Tandy Assembly. As always, we invite ALL Tandy and RadioShack computers to the event. Its not too late to reserve a table and setup that Tandy 1000, Tandy Sensation, Model 100, CoCo, pocket computer, <insert your system here>, even if you only want the space to work on your own system or to get help and advice from others at the show. I plan to bring a Model 4 that I want to upgrade.

So I welcome everyone to the second Tandy Assembly! Its the people that make it great. We hope that you will like the changes and we thank for your continuing support. We want to make Tandy Assembly better each year. I'll see you there!

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