Monday, September 10, 2018

Tandy Assembly .2

Getting Ready For Part Two

It’s shocking that it’s already been a year since our inaugural Tandy Assembly. It doesn’t seem that long ago since John Linville, Mike Rowen and I were kicking around the idea of having a retro computer fest dedicated to Tandy computers. Now thanks to our guest speakers and all of you who came out to support our event we are now able to bring you the second Tandy Assembly.

We have created this event to celebrate all great things about Tandy. With all great retro computer fests, these conferences provide opportunities for individuals to reach beyond their computer screens and talk one on one; in essence, to find a sense of community. In this community, at these conferences, we are able to go beyond the auctions of eBay and stumble upon a rare ancient artifact in the back of a trunk which travelled here from Tennessee. At these conferences, we are able to show up with the most challenging of issues whether it be hardware or software related and know that in the room there are 5 different people with 5 different solutions available at your fingertips. At these conferences, you are able to sit back and listen to the ideas of your fellow community members and return home with inspiration for new projects and plans for the new year.

As the second annual Tandy Assembly approaches, I, Neil Blanchard, invite you to join celebrate celebrate hardware and software of these amazing computers….to celebrate the beginning of new ideas and inspiration….and most importantly, to celebrate the friendships that these conferences bring.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

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